Monday, 26 May 2014

Giroptic 360Cam HD

Giroptic 360 Cam HD is the worlds first full HD camera that can take videos and pictures in a complete 360 is a compact little camera that can be held in your hand. with many functions which a ordinary camera has like a timer or a settings change.

it is a very cool gadget to get because it is handy in many situations!

the Giroptic 360 cam HD is also a water proof camera, simple attach the goggles to the camera's lenses and its ready for underwater actions.

as i have mentioned before this camera is a very handy gadget as well as a very built camera. this camera can be used for many things as one of them is surveillance for the days when you are not home and you need to have an eye over your house. you can simply attach it to a light bulb socket and leave it their! with its inbuilt WiFi antennas, GPS and a LED screen.

the price of this awesome invention for its first production is going to be $250. but the price may vary.

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