Sunday, 25 May 2014

Bloom energy

bloom energy or bloom box is a type of secretive source of making electricity that has the potential to make electricity for homes and businesses with no harmful effects to the earth as far as my research on this extraordinary technology has come to show.  this has been shown to be a renewable source of electricity.

the inventor of the bloom box KR sridhar who founded bloom energy at 2002 had been keeping his invention very secretive by putting no signs on his buildings, having a encrypted website, no public progress reports.

below is a picture of KR sridhar founder of bloom energy, holding a bloom box.

the way he made his bloom energy was firstly by taking beach sand found in masses, into a ceramic, thin plate. then covering one side of the thing sheet of oven-baked sand with green ink and the other with black ink, this green and black ink has a special formula he didn't tell to the public because of obvious reasons. one sheet of beach sand with black and green ink on each side is a fuel cell which can power a light bulb. what he does is that he takes these thin fuel cells and in puts thin metal plates in between these fuel cells. instead of using expensive platinum, he uses cheap metal alloy.

the black inked side takes in oxygen and the green inked side takes in fuel which can be taken from fossil fuels like natural gas and the bloom box can also use renewable fuels like land-fill gas, bio-gas and solar.
the green inked area on the picture below represents the intake of fuels for the fuel cell and the dark inked one represents the intake of oxygen.

some companies took the opportunity at hand and silents bought their products to be tested. companies like FedEx, Walmart, staples, eBay, and Google was the very first customer for bloom box. the companies took these opportunity because in California where they are based the electrical costs are almost half to the rest of the costs.
the bloom boxes installed in Google were being used for 18 months and had problems with them caused by pollution and dirt, as they require oxygen, air is pumped in and dirt came in and clogged up the system, the repair men just had to switch the system and it was all working again.

eBay was a fairly new customer for bloom box because they had bought five massive bloom boxes that were sitting outside the lawn and they fuel almost 15% of the fuel for the whole campus which were working for 9 months. the bloom boxes saved the companies about a 100,000 dollars in electricity costs, "its been very successful so far..." John Donahoe CEO of eBay.  eBay bloom boxes run on the required oxygen and bio-gas made from land-fill masses, which makes them carbon neutral.

eBay has 3000 solar panels that generate less electricity then the 5 bloom boxes in eBay's lawn.

one of the problems with bloom energy is that making them and keeping up with orders will be very difficult because they only one a day.

the inventor of bloom energy or bloom boxes said that in up to 5 to 10 years 1 unit will cost under 3000 dollars.

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