Tuesday, 22 May 2018

DIY Desalination plant idea (links to fresnel lens)


my dear readers. Regarding my post about fresnel lens. I have had a idea that came about the same time as when I posted the ideal. For whatever reason I didn't publish it then, but I am doing it now.

Maybe perhaps we can use the fresnel lens's intense solar heat Ray's to warm up water in a diy desalination plant. Thus the fresnel lens would substitute other sources of heat that would normally either require non-renewable sources like fires or slow sources of heat like the sun.

The below imagine is a example of a DIY desalination plant that could imppement the fresnel lens's power.

So the base of this desalination plant could be a metal that's been painted in non-toxic paint and the fresnel lens could direct it's focal at the base, heat up water and desalinate it faster.

This desalination plant could be connect by a rainwater collection unit that could fill the plant up.

In orde

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