Sunday, 25 May 2014

fresnel lenses, (high intensity ray)

Fresnel lenses are thin sheets of transparent lenses that can be used for magnifying the suns rays for up to 3002 C degrees heat. They are normally found in old projection TV's. but can also be bought separately from eBay.
old televisions like the one in the picture below are the type of television where you can find Fresnel lens.

they have a ruff side and a smooth side. the ruff side is the actual Fresnel lens and that should face the sun.

you can optimize the efficiency of the rays of the Fresnel lens by making a stand for it which can be adjusted to the direction of the sun. cleaning the lens in a dark area before use has been told to make it work even better!

Fresnel lenses can be used to work Stirling engines that work from heat.

these lenses can be used to melt as tough metal as steel. but can easily melt aluminum, or copper coins.
as you can see in the picture below, the copper coins are in the focal point of suns rays that are intensified by the sheet of Fresnel lenses.

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